Company History

Staff Linx, Inc. was created keeping the needs of client companies and candidates in mind. The combination of the company founder’s extensive experience in the staffing industry and the desire to provide client companies and our candidates with a staffing service who could be held accountable for their actions, demonstrate their integrity, honesty, professionalism, reliability and commitment to excellence, while providing ideal links between companies and candidates is one of our main objectives.

Our goal is simple: Regardless of economic situations, size of company, volume of usage, type of usage, etc. our goal is to build long-term relationships with each of our clients. Relationships that can prosper in the good times and can weather the storm in the bad times. We can accomplish our simple goal by effective communications, excellent customer service and flexible client options.

With 14 years experience in the staffing industry, we have the knowledge to service many industries and a variety of job classifications.

The success of our company depends on the knowledge and expertise of our staff. The ability to link client needs with qualified candidate’s skills offers satisfying results for our clients, employees and us!

Understanding our clients’ needs, organizational structure and knowledge of niche positions within each company allows us to link the “right” client with the “right” candidate. We are able to do this by obtaining thorough client profiles before any placements are made. Whether by appointment, email or fax, our goal is to know your exact needs and identify key elements in your business before we begin our work.

We take great pride in providing staffing services that meet, but most often exceed our clients’ needs.

Mission Statement

Staff Linx, Inc., a Staffing Service Corporation, is committed to excellence. Our values are to practice ethical business standards with integrity, honesty, professionalism and reliability.

Our goal is to treat everyone with respect, while providing a service to client companies and candidates that exceeds expectations.

Our purpose is to use our industry knowledge and expertise combined with our excellent communication skills to fulfill both client company and employee needs, while remaining competitive and prosperous in our industry.

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